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Success Stories

From my Naturopathic clients

I love being able to help my naturopathic clients overcome short or long term health issues, and am pleased to be able to share just a few examples below of some of the fantastic success we have had.

I have always been a little sceptical of Naturopathic treatment as I never fully understood what was involved, that is until I met Leisa! Having had many abdominal operations which have left me with various problems including malabsorption etc. I was at my whits end with conventional medical treatment. Leisa has worked with my GP, Surgeon and Dietician and together we have worked out a regime which has helped give me a better quality of life. I have regular six monthly blood tests which show my various levels have improved considerably since visiting Leisa. My doctors and dietician are very impressed and happy for me to continue my treatment plan. At no time have any of my prescribed medication from my doctors been changed. I cannot thank Leisa enough for what she has done for me. She is really easy to talk to and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has any problems as she treats a large variety of complaints. Thank you Leisa!


My story

Since early 2011, I have been seeing Leisa who has helped me to manage stress and maintain good health and well-being.  My main stress is due to my full time office work entailing high pressure deadlines all day and week long, together with balancing family responsibilities.  I also have other personal health issues that Leisa has helped me to deal with.

Prior to consulting with Leisa, I was taking a range of vitamins as prescribed by myself and not really knowing if they were what I needed.  Leisa has helped me to clearly identify the actual vitamin deficiencies in my body and letting me know exactly what I should be taking.

The method is effortless and you get the results straight away from Leisa about the vitamins your body needs. As a result, Leisa recommended the quality vitamins that I should be taking (that is, combining a range of vitamins into one or two tablets), instead of taking many tablets.  I also tried the herbal liquid potions to help me get better quickly.

In summary, I am very happy to highly recommend Leisa Skerman to family, friends and business professionals to consider taking time out to consult with Leisa on any health issues you may be experiencing.  After all, your health is the most important asset in the long run for a happier and healthier future.

Leisa is a picture of health and I believe Leisa is a good role model for what she practices.

As a patient, I value Leisa’s positive energy and the caring one and one rapport during our consultation sessions.  Leisa is a good listener and highly intuitive to my health needs and very reliable to follow through on any of my health issues.

FV, Camira Qld 4300

Hi, Leisa has great knowledge and is passionate about all things health. My wife and family have achieved wonderful results through working with Leisa. She really wants the best result for you. My wife loves meeting with Leisa to talk about how she is going health wise and comments that Leisa not only helps you to be on track health wise, but also puts a bit more sparkle in your day. We would highly recommend leisa for your health needs.


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