A lot of people treat Christmas time differently to other times of the year when it comes to food. This is where a lot of people go wrong! You need to stick to your positive attitude towards food, use self control and not over-indulge. You shouldn’t be eating foods just because they are there, you should love them and enjoy them – this is what will make Christmas much more enjoyable WITHOUT the extra kilo’s.

A few ways to maintain healthy habits during the holidays……

  1. Try to eat before you go out to a Christmas party, family event or gathering. This will mean you are satisfied and be less tempted to eat potentially unhealthy foods that are served to you. You could have a snack on some carrot sticks dipped into hommus and avocado, 2 rice crackers with avocado and cottage cheese, rice crackers, fruit or a small tub or yoghurt.
  2. Watch your alcohol consumption. Try to limit yourself to 2 alcoholic beverages especially if they are cocktails. Alcohol is quite high in calories and you tend to get the munchies quicker too…therefore eating more.
  3. Stay active! Some people get into holiday mode weeks before they are actually on holidays. Remember how good you feel when you walk regularly and stay active, try to keep this up even during your holidays. Mix up the exercise – for example walks along the beach, go swimming, bike riding or another fun summer activity.
  4. Make sure you are always prepared no matter where you are at this time of the year. If you are running around madly finishing work or Christmas shopping and haven’t had the chance to eat anything – usually this is when you choose `convenient’ foods such as take-aways or other fried foods that are quick and easy on the run. Try to keep an apple, or sandwich in your bag so you don’t have this problem. OR make time to sit down and have a decent lunch / meal and choose wisely!
  5. Taste test everything – don’t eat things that are in front of you if you wouldn’t normally eat them. Think first about what you like and if you REALLY want it and only have a small amount first.
  6. Pack a few healthy snacks to take to work with you to ensure you aren’t tempted quite as much by the treats and gifts in the office.
  7. If you are taking supplements for general health and well-being or for a specific health concern, don’t forget to suddenly take them all because its Christmas….you still need to keep on top of your health, so why stop now?
  8. Eat small amounts of food more regularly rather than large meals all at the one time. This will increase bloating, discomfort and cause you to become fatigued easily.



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